Ryka Radiant Review



The Ryka Radiant, a women's walking shoe, runs true to size and works equally well for walking, running errands, and spending long hours on your feet, say consumers. It's flexible, well-cushioned, and has an infused heel clip for stability.

Users love the comfort of the Ryka Radiant walking shoes at Zappos.com where reviewers say they are very comfortable for working, hiking, exercising and everyday wear. Reviewers at ShoeBuy.com agree with one user saying that the insole actually seemed to mold to her feet making them super cushy and comfortable, while other reviewers on the site call them lightweight and flexible.

As a women's only shoe, the Ryka Radiant shoe (starting at $60, Amazon) weighs in at a mere nine ounces. It comes equipped with flexibility in the forefoot, extra cushioning and support in the arch area, and added stability in the heel. Plus this shoe has added traction in the forefoot which is needed when walking.

We love all the combined features this walking shoe has such as extra cushion in the arches, heel stability and flexibility plus traction. In fact it's the only walking shoe we reviewed that addresses traction. Ryka Radiant reviews of this shoe are very positive with many reviewers saying they stand or "pound pavement" walking in this shoe for long periods of time and the shoe is always comfortable. For women, we believe that this is a good cheap walking shoe to try.

Raechel Conover

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