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Among the factors to consider when shopping for a cheap washer are the style, the capacity, the footprint, and the energy consumption. The cheap washer segment is dominated by traditional top-loading washing machines. Front-loading washing machines, with their modern aesthetics and energy-saving technology, are generally priced beyond our cheap ceiling, although a few good deals can be found. Cheap washers with a front-loading design boast larger capacity for any given drum size because there's no center agitator taking up space. Cheap washers with a top-loading design are usually not as deep as front-loaders and may fit better in small laundry areas. Note that the cycle time for front-loading washing machines is about double that of top-loading washing machines.

Type Capacity Dimensions Maximum Spin Speed Energy Consumption Energy Star Qualified
Admiral ATW4475VQ estimated price $298
Top loading 3.2 cubic feet 27 W x 43 H x 25.5 D N/A 283 KWh/year No
LG WM2101HW estimated price $630
Front loading 4 cubic feet 27 1100 RPM 127 KWh/year Yes
Maytag Centennial MVWC6ESWW estimated price $444
Top loading 4 cubic feet 26 7/8 640 RPM 212 KWh/year Yes
Frigidaire GLTF2940FS estimated price $538
Front loading 3.5 cubic feet 27 W x 36 H x 27 D 1050 RPM 196 KWh/year Yes
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