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Cheap Watches for Men

As we researched cheap watches for men -- and there are many -- two in particular caught our attention. The analog Timex Easy Reader T20041 (starting at $29) stands apart from the crowd for its durability, accuracy, and easy-reading face.

The digital Casio WS210HD-1AVCF (starting at $33) snags a place on our list of best cheap watches for men for its rugged build, accuracy, and rich feature set.

Users of the Timex Easy Reader T20041 heap praise on this cheap watch for men. The majority of comments at Walmart were posted by men at least 55 years old who laud the Indiglo feature that compensates for dim lighting and the plain dial and large numbers that make the watch easy to read for older folks whose vision isn't what it used to be. The resilience of the Timex Easy Reader T20041 is another big draw. Assessments of cheap watches for men tell of users having been loyal to this, or earlier, model(s) over the years -- one served its owner well for more than a decade -- and reports abound of its ability to survive the stress of outdoor chores, such as power washing a walkway. Men say they rely on the dependable time-keeping of the analog Easy Reader T20041 and appreciate the upmarket look of the leather band. Not everyone is thrilled with the wearability of this watch, however; on sites such as Overstock some users say the leather band is too stiff and express doubt about the quality of its leather chops.

Our second favorite among the slew of cheap watches for men, the Casio WS210HD-1AVCF, is made for the great outdoors. Despite some grumbling by several users who mention scratches on the mineral crystal, this cheap watch for men proves to be a handy and reliable time keeper. On Amazon, users commend its accuracy and solar-powered longevity. Its digital technology supports an array of features, such as tide and moon graphs that are much appreciated by surfers and fishermen and a countdown timer that's useful for keeping to a schedule. Note, though, that several users consider these functions a challenge to set and add that the instructions aren't particularly helpful. The LED face is easy to read on this cheap digital watch for men and the stainless steel band wins points for its good looks, although users caution that adjustments to the size (i.e., removing links) call for the tools, skills, and patience of a jeweler.

Frugal and committed athletes are keen on the Timex 30-Lap Ironman T53151 (starting at $24). This is another of the cheap watches for men with digital workings that are rich in the functionalities that meet the needs of swimmers, runners, power-walkers -- even medical professionals. As reviews posted at Amazon point out, users value the ability to time starts and splits and store the results in memory. They also report no problems with water seeping under the crystal while surfing. Reviews of cheap watches for men assert that the Timex 30-Lap Ironman T53151 is accurate and durable, performance qualities that have turned some users into serial buyers who replace long-lived Ironman timepieces that finally gave out with new ones.

The Armitron 408177 is also targeted to athletes but fails to win the level of support extended to the other cheap watches for men that we researched. Users seem to like the black coloration of the resin case and band and one review posted at Target says the square-faced digital watch draws compliments from friends and colleagues. Reviews of cheap watches for men posted elsewhere say the band holds up to sweat without getting sticky or emitting a foul odor and can be worn safely in the shower. On the other hand, some users find the reverse LED face (dark background with light numbers) too dim for easy readability and report programming snafus: the watch seems to periodically reset itself to the default factory settings for time and date and is especially prone to this behavior when you hit the button to set the alarm or light up the face.

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