Casio Men's WS210HD-1AVCF Review



The Casio WS210HD-1AVCF is a digital watch with several cool features, including one that tracks the tides and moon phases. This solar-powered watch keeps good time and is easy to use, but some wearers say the tide feature must be reset occasionally and the metal band is tricky to adjust for fit.

Casio is best known for its seemingly endless selection of digital sport watches. This model, the WS210HD-1AV, is well-liked by boaters, fishermen, and surfers, according to Casio WS210HD-1AV reviews, because of one particular feature: it displays data about the tides and the moon. At Walmart, users who posted reviews report that the watch keeps excellent time; one, however, notes the need to reset the tides function every few days to keep it accurate, and a few seem a tad confused about how to set and use this and the moon feature. Users' watch reviews indicate they appreciate the solar-powered technology, which eliminates concerns about a battery running dry, stainless steel styling, value price, and overall practicality of this timepiece. A few minor complaints surface in reviews: susceptibility to scratching on the crystal and adjustments to the band for sizing mean a trip to the jewelry counter to remove links. One reviewer at Kohl's, says the watch face, which also displays day and date, is a bit crowded and thus somewhat hard to read.

The Casio WS210HD-1AV (starting at $33, Amazon) is a digital watch with a solar-powered quartz movement (forget about having to change the battery). It has a stainless steel band and a mineral crystal and is loaded with features; in addition to tracking tides and moon phases, it offers a variety of alarms, a stopwatch, countdown timer, calendar, world time with map, and backlight and afterglow. The watch is also water resistant to 100 meters, or 330 feet.

Men who like to spend time on or near the water will take to the Casio WS210HD-1AV. But this watch isn't just for boaters, fisherman, and surfers. It's a good-looking, versatile watch with enough features to satisfy any gadget-minded user.

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