Casio Women's LTP1237D-7A Review



This women's dress watch is simple and stylish, and users like its durability and overall value. It's lightweight and comfortable, but some users find the silver dial a little hard to read.

Women shopping for a cheap watch that still gives off an upscale air might consider the Casio LTP1237D-7A, a stainless steel analog watch with a square face. A Casio LTP1237D-7A review at Target summed up its appeal by describing it as practical, classy, and an excellent value. Users who posted reviews on sites such as Amazon and Walmart agree, citing the attractive finish, a design that shows off slim wrists to good effect, dependable time keeping, and a weight that's light enough for all-day wearing. Build quality is high, according to most reviews, as is overall durability, especially given the price. A few users, however, report that the silver dial can be hard to read against the shell-colored background and others note that removing links on the band for a tighter fit may necessitate a trip to the jewelry counter.

The Casio LTP1237D-7A (starting at $21, Amazon) is a simple analog watch with a mineral crystal, quartz movement, digits and dots denoting the hours, and stainless steel band and case. The watch itself is water resistant to 30 meters, or 99 feet. Like many low-cost analog watches, this model boasts no extra features save for a second hand. Don't look for a date function, alarm or stopwatch, extras that typically show up on digital watches.

The elegant styling of the Casio LTP1237D-7A fits right in at home, at the office, or out on the town. This is an affordable and attractive watch that exceeds users' expectations.

Michael Sweet

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