Brita Everyday Water Pitcher Review



Brita has been a standby in the category for years; one could argue rightfully so. This pitcher is easy to use and the BPA-free build is an added plus for many.

This pitcher is a No. 1 best-seller on Amazon, where Brita Everyday Water Pitcher reviews extol its virtues. It is certainly easy to use on an everyday basis, consumers say. It has a removable lid, which pops off for refilling under the tap. Many reviewers note that the pitcher is free of BPA, a common component of plastic that has raised health concerns. Consumers reviewing the Brita Everyday Water Pitcher on report that it fees solid and does its job.

The Brita Everyday Water Pitcher (starting at $25, Amazon) has been tested under the Water Quality Association's Gold Seal Product Certification Program and by NSF International. It's certified to uphold its claims to reduce chlorine, taste and odor, zinc, cadmium, copper, and mercury. The difference in water quality is evident after using the pitcher, according to user reviewers, who tout the clean, fresh taste of the water. Brita also offers one of the cheaper replacement filters on the market. On Amazon, it's just $8 for one filter, which must be changed within the standard time frame of every 40 gallons or 2 months.

This pitcher isn't without its cons. Some consumers who've used older models don't like the current design. Additionally, the pitcher has only a sticker for tracking when to change the water filter, in lieu of an electronic indicator, so users have to remember to mark off the months until the next filter change on their own. If you register the product on the company website, Brita will send you filter reminders and a coupon for up to $2 off.

With a 10-cup capacity, the Brita Everyday Water Pitcher doesn't make the best choice for larger families, but some reviewers consider it the ideal size. Overall this is a good, basic pitcher for less thirsty households.

Jennifer Magid

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