Pur FM-9400B Review


Think Twice

This faucet-mount water filter features a five-year limited warranty, yet consumers are harsh critics of its durability, with many reporting leaks.

The Pur FM-9400B reviews we read lean negative across the board. One consumer posting at Epinions has had three Pur dispensers and calls them poorly made products. All three started leaking after only a few months of use. Similar problems with leaking pop up in reviews on other sites. Some reviewers report that they are on their fifth or sixth one, after making claims under the two-year limited warranty.

The Pur FM-9400B (starting at $30, Amazon) has a chrome finish and filters 100 gallons, or four months' worth of water, with each replacement filter. The unit comes with an on/off switch in case you don't need filtered water from the faucet and an indicator light to tell you when the filter needs replacing. NSF International and the Water Quality Association certify Pur's claims to reduce a litany of contaminants, including chlorine, sediment, lead, mercury, volatile organic compounds, and microbiological cysts. Pur FM-9400B reviews on Amazon often touch on the clean, pleasing taste of the water after it's been filtered.

Where to buy

Meanwhile, though, negative reviews mention the leaking and spraying, as well as the filter falling off the kitchen faucet. On Amazon, consumers mention that these Pur units are incompatible with pull-out or handheld faucets, so potential buyers should keep that in mind if they are thinking about this faucet filter. We appreciate that Pur honors the warranty and sends users who experience leaks a coupon for a new unit, but that doesn't fix the original problem, and consumers seem frustrated with the process of replacing the whole system every few months. Despite the accolades for water taste, it's probably better to choose a different model in the first place.

Jennifer Magid

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