Brita Ultramax Review


Think Twice

This dispenser has a large capacity and a flip-top lid for easy refilling, but users find the design unwieldy and not so easy to clean, making it apt to grow mold.

Brita Ultramax reviews acknowledge the appeal of this dispenser, which occupies a happy medium between a water pitcher and a faucet filter. With an 18-cup capacity, it's designed to work for a small office or a large family. Fans of the product who have posted reviews on Amazon appreciate that they don't have to fill the dispenser often because of its large size and recommend it to consumers who make it their business to drink a lot of water. The Brita Ultramax (starting at $27, Amazon) offers the company's standard water filtering system, which is certified by NSF International and the Water Quality Association to reduce chlorine, sediment, zinc, and other potentially harmful substances such as cadmium, copper, and mercury.

The dispenser has a flip-top lid that's designed for easy refilling. However, it's the cleaning that isn't so easy. In a review on the Kmart website, one user complains that all the water doesn't drain out due to the positioning of the spout about 1 inch from the base of the dispenser. This makes it easy for old water to get trapped and, eventually, for mold to grow in the unit. In fact, the word "mold" is mentioned in numerous other Brita Ultramax reviews on multiple sites. Because the dispenser needs to be hand washed, it's up to the user to find a way to clean out all the nooks and crevices, rather than just throw the pieces into the dishwasher. And those nooks and crevices are not easy to get to, reviewers say.

This complaint-ridden dispenser consistently costs more than the comparable model from Pur, which gets better reviews. That makes the Brita Ultramax a much less attractive option for buyers in search of a dispenser-style water filter.

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