Pur DS-1800Z Review



Users like the long, slim shape of this dispenser, which holds 18 glasses of water and fits efficiently in the refrigerator.

Pur DS-1800Z reviews posted on the Target website rave about this water dispenser with a two-stage filter. It employs a pour spout, as opposed to a conventional pitcher design. Multiple users assert that the Pur DS-1800Z (starting at $26, Amazon) produces the best-tasting water they've ever had. One in particular appreciates that it completely transforms foul-tasting tap water.

On Vitacost.com, one customer notes that the slim container fits perfectly in the refrigerator and doesn't have to be taken out to fill a glass of water. It contains up to 18 8-ounce glasses of water. Reviewers on another e-commerce site, FridgeFilters.com, declare that the size is perfect because it holds a lot of water but doesn't take up a ton of space.

The filter targets 95 percent of mercury and 96 percent of pharmaceuticals, trace levels of which may be found in the water supply. NSF International and the Water Quality Association certify that the Pur DS-1800Z reduces chlorine; sediment; taste and odor; 2,4-D; atrazine; benzene; cadmium; carbon tetrachloride; copper; mercury; simazine; tetrachloroethylene; toluene; zinc; and microbiological cysts. Replacement filters start at about $6 and last through two months or 40 gallons of filtered water.

Users seem to appreciate the long, slim shape of this dispenser, which fits well in the refrigerator, and like having the pour spout for easy access. Pur DS-1800Z reviews often mention the convenience of this model and users enjoy the taste of the water. Unless you prefer a smaller pitcher, this is our top choice for a pour-through water filter.

Jennifer Magid

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