Ezonics EZCam II Review


Think Twice

Although the Ezonics EZCam II provides a decent color display and a multiple digital zoom feature, experts and consumers fault this webcam for its poor focus. They also say that despite its 30 frames/second capability and 640x480 pixel resolution, the frames seem to move more slowly and the camera doesn't pick up items in low-light situations very well.

The Ezonics EZCam II (starting at $15, Amazon) generates poor feedback from users and experts alike. According to an Ezonics EZCam II review on CNET, this webcam is shoddy in terms of its appearance and quality, and its cheap price doesn't compensate for the flaws. This Ezonics EZCam II expert review notes the difficulty of setting up the webcam, and says audio and visuals are weak. An Ezonics EZCam II review on Epinions simply says the resolution, lighting, and mounting leave much to be desired.

The EZonics EZCam II requires 32 MB of RAM and 300 MHz (megahertz) of processing speed and is only compatible with the very old versions of Windows 98 and 2000. It has a very low 320x240 resolution with 1.3 megapixels photo storage and 30 fps. The basic software of this webcam lets you create video post cards and snapshot post cards, and includes a photo editor. Note, however, that these features are also found in the Logitech C500, Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000, HP Deluxe Webcam, and the Creative Live! Cam Video IM Pro - all products that cost more but deliver better visual and audio quality.

Although the $15 starting price of the EZonics EZCam II webcam is a good deal, its poor performance makes it a poor investment long-term. For slightly more money, you can buy a webcam that offers all the same features (and sometimes more), superior functioning, and more value for the buck.

Maralyn Edid

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