Toro 51467 Review


Users seem moderately pleased with the Toro 51467 8-inch Cordless Trimmer (starting at $45, Amazon), according to Toro 51467 string trimmer reviews. Favorable reviews posted on Amazon comment on the good battery life (up to 45 minutes, says one string trimmer review), light weight, suitability for small yards, low price, and good results. Negative reviews on the same site grumble about the build quality, the limited battery life (less than 20 minutes), difficulty with the string feed, and a design that's too short for taller users. Reviews on Epinions are also mediocre, with one user expressing disappointment with its performance on heavy grass and another grousing about the battery life. Still, users seem to agree that this cheap weed eater is OK for small yards.

The Toro 51467 runs on a rechargeable 12-volt battery that the product description says will last 35 minutes. This is another cheap grass trimmer with a bump feed (bump the head lightly on the ground to get more line) and it cuts an eight-inch path; it does not double as an edger. The Toro 51467 weighs 6.4 pounds and comes with a two-year warranty.

Where to buy

Bed Bath & Beyond
Factory Authorized Outlet
V-Belt Guys

This seems like a decent cheap string trimmer -- lightweight and acceptable run-time on the battery. The cutting swath is narrower than the best and good models on our list, but that makes it easier to maneuver for some users. We didn't find any major complaints about the Toro 51467, so if you prefer a cordless bump feed, this one belongs on your list.

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