Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds Review



Indoor walking-in-place with increasing levels of difficulty describes this fitness DVD. Users like the simple but challenging workouts that even appeal to couch potatoes who want to lose weight. The two-disc set comes with a resistance band for working on upper body toning while burning calories.

Sansone builds her series of workout videos around the idea that doing something we do everyday -- walking, that is -- is a sure fire way to shed pounds. The catch: you have to walk the right way, and this low-cost exercise DVD shows you how. The beauty of her method, according to Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds Ultimate Collection reviews on Amazon, is that anyone can follow along and everyone can work their way up from beginner level to advanced. Users posting reviews on Viewpoints like the focus on posture, the low-stress approach, the opportunity to move at your own pace, and Sansone's inspirational attitude. The walking workouts appeal to seniors as well as kids, note reviews on Walmart, and seem to produce almost instant results.

Sansone has produced more than two dozen fitness DVDs. With Walk Away the Pounds, you get the equivalent of four in one; that is, there are one-, two-, three- and four-mile workouts that increase in difficulty as the miles roll on. You choose the workout based on your fitness level and time constraints. Sansone incorporates dumbbells (water balls are good substitutes) for an extra challenge, and the exercise DVD comes with a resistance band. Along the way, she provides exercisers with information about muscle fitness and generally makes walking fun.

"Meh, walking," you may say. Why not just go for an intense workout? Well, a half-hour walk at a vigorous pace can burn 180 to 250 calories. If you do that a few times a week while cutting at least 250 calories from your daily diet, you could lose a pound a week. Moreover, walking is easy on your joints and manageable for folks who are overweight.

Sansone is less a "personality" than some of the other well-known fitness instructors and her routines are somewhat less taxing, though not necessarily less effective. If you want a calmer presence during your workouts and you have some physical limitations, this may be the right low-cost exercise video for you.

Maralyn Edid

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