10 Best Fitness - 10 Video Set Review


Think Twice

With 12 hours of exercise, you get a lot of bang for your buck, but users say the exercises are random and outdated and the music corny. The focus seems more on the attractive instructors and strange transitions (e.g., an instructor putting on body paint) than on serious fitness. Users also don't appreciate the labels placed on the some of the workouts, like stretching for old people.

A workout DVD set that tries to pack a punch with its assortment of 10 videos, 10 Best Fitness mostly disappoints and confuses users. 10 Best Fitness reviews posted on Overstock.com, for example, say the routines are corny and dated and might promote guffaws rather than buff. Part of the problem may be that it seems like a random collection of low-cost exercise videos with no unifying theme; moreover, some of the routines are led by celebrities who don't appear to have the qualifications of fitness experts. Although a minority of 10 Best Fitness reviews on Amazon praise certain portions of the collection, such as Tae Bo and Kick Butt, others decry the cheesiness of the visuals and instruction and what some perceive as the erotic content of the yoga segment.

Where to buy

OK, so you get 720 minutes of all kinds of exercise styles -- fat burner, jazzthenics, rotation, aerobics, one step, and more -- and the variety seems appealing. Few consumers are convinced, however, even at the budget price of $18. The release date is October, 2002, but users insist the style is more 1980s. You might find useful chunks here, but why sift through all the chaff when there are other good low-cost workout DVDs on the market?

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