Old Navy Fold-Over Yoga Pants Review



These cheap yoga pants come in three different lengths and a capri style, so most consumers should be able to find a pair that suits them. Reviewers so admire the close yet comfortable fit that they wear these pants far beyond the yoga studio.

One of the best features of Old Navy fold-over yoga pants is they come in three different inseam lengths, as well as a capri style. Petite and tall women posting reviews on the Old Navy site seem delighted to have found a pair that isn't too short or too long. Old Navy yoga pants reviews say the fit is snug, so the pants won't bunch up when you twist your body into difficult poses, but not so tight as to restrict your movement. The fabric is 93 percent cotton and 7 percent spandex, which wearers have found stretchy enough to move with the body during many forms of exercise, not just yoga. The fold-over waistband is very flattering, according to yoga pants reviews, and doesn't create a "muffin top" like a tighter waistband might. Consumers note that the material is heavy enough to be durable but not so heavy that the pants prove too hot to wear while working out.

Affection for Old Navy fold-over yoga pants extends even outside the yoga studio. Old Navy yoga pants reviews come from women who consider these comfortable and stylish enough to wear for any casual occasion, as well as for exercise of all kinds. Even pregnant women have found that these pants fit comfortably well into the third trimester and also prove flattering postpartum, when the waistband can be unfolded to hold in any "jiggle," as one reviewer put it. Several Old Navy yoga pants reviews suggest the pants run a bit large but shrink to fit if you throw them in the dryer.

Where to buy

Old Navy fold-over yoga pants come in black or a dark gray, with an optional violet or hot-pink waistband, depending on the size. The capris offer a few different color options. Online shoppers should note that certain colors in both styles have "Old Navy" printed across the back of the waistband.

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