Altus Flower Yoga Mat Review



For yoga and stretching against an aesthetically pleasing background, this mat has a lot of appeal. Unlike other cheap yoga mats, this one comes with a carry strap that relieves you of an additional outlay for a separate strap or bag.

Altus Flower Yoga Mat reviews alternately praise and criticize this product from Altus Athletic. Supportive comments posted on Amazon note the soothing blue-green color and floral design, the length, the durability, and the overall functionality. A real bonus, say reviewers, is the carry strap that comes packaged with the mat. Those who find fault with the mat say it's too thin and slippery; one yoga mat review reports it began to disintegrate after eight sessions and another says a soap and water bath improves the surface grip. Best uses for the Altus Flower Yoga Mat (starting at $13, Amazon) may be yoga and stretching; one user suggests it's too thin for Pilates.

This is a soft, lightweight yoga mat with a textured surface that measures 68 x 24 x 1/8 inches. It stands apart from many other cheap yoga mats because of the carry strap; purchasing a strap or bag separately can cost as much as the mat itself.

Although the Altus Flower Yoga Mat may seem a bit insubstantial to some, others say it's a solid and economical choice, especially for yogis who like to feel closer to the ground. And as with other cheap yoga mats, the more use it gets, the less slippery it feels. Considering the price and the reviews, this mat gets a qualified nod.

Maralyn Edid

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