MiVizu Eco Friendly Anti Slip Yoga Mat Review


Think Twice

A very low price for an eco-friendly mat may not compensate for what many users say is excessive slipping and impressions of hands and feet that interfere with their practice. Even so, the MiVizu mat claims its share of partisans.

For yogis committed to eco-friendly products, simple stretches, and real basic poses, this mat might be OK. But based on the MiVizu Eco Friendly Yoga Mat reviews that we found, many users have been disappointed. At 1/4" thick, the MiVizu Eco Friendly mat is far from thin, but therein lies its major flaw. Comments on Amazon note it has a disconcerting tendency to "remember" where you just placed your hands and feet, which makes it hard to transition to the next pose. Users say the time it takes for the impressions to disappear is a definite negative, and some report sinking so deep into the mat that they can feel the floor. Yoga Mat Review similarly expresses some reservations about the MiVizu mat's (starting at $9) ability to provide support and stability. Others, however, consider the mat quite comfortable, and only a few reviews complain about slipping and sliding. The smell bothers some practitioners, but not others.

As noted above, this is an eco-friendly yoga mat that is lightweight and seems to be quite durable. With dimensions of 24 x 72 x 1/4 inches, it's longer and thicker than the average cheap yoga mat. It features a textured, anti-slip surface and is available in seven colors.

People use the MiVizu yoga mat for a variety of purposes, including Pilates and stretching, and many are pleased with the product. But active yogis will be better served by other low-cost eco-conscious options.

Maralyn Edid

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