Natural Fitness Eco-Yoga Mat Review


Think Twice

Although this mat is lightweight and environmentally friendly, it disappoints because of its price-to-quality ratio. Users note problems with flaking and scratching.

Although Natural Fitness Eco-Yoga Mat reviews offer up some positive reasons to buy this mat, contrary assessments give us pause. On Amazon, for example, reviews report the non-PVC mat doesn't lay flat, provides minimal grip, scratches easily, and the foam flakes onto clothing and the floor. A review on Walmart says the mat showed signs of wear after just two weeks of use and is very slippery when you sweat. Other yoga mat reviews are less critical, however. Some users say the cushioning is adequate and the designated floor and practice sides assure sufficient grip. We did not find any complaints in reviews about chemical smells.

The Natural Fitness Eco-Yoga Mat (starting at $28, Amazon) is made with TPE, which is non-allergenic and contains no lead or phosphates. The company says the mat can be recycled, and each side (one earth-colored and the other moss-colored) has a different texture. It measures the standard 68 x 24 x 1/8 inches.

Because this mat is a bit pricier than other cheap yoga mats, including the eco-friendly varieties, and shows signs of durability problems, this is one you might want to transition past.

Maralyn Edid

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