Yoga Accessories Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat Review



This durable, 1/4"-thick yoga mat offers extra cushioning to pad wrists and knees. Users also like its long length, long life, and value price. The Yoga Accessories mat is eco-friendly and comes in a variety of colors.

Yoga Accessories Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat reviews are enthusiastic. Users are particularly approving of its unusually long length and thick cushioning. Although some reviews on Amazon report problems with slipping and sliding, especially when practicing hot yoga, most laud its stickiness, softness, and overall functionality; one user writes of happy knees and wrists. My Yoga Mats remarks on its durability, adding that the Yoga Accessories mat often shows up in fitness clubs and yoga studios. Simply put, the combination of specs and price are hard to resist, say comments on the company's website. That said, a few yoga mat reviews gripe about the smell, which apparently dissipates with airing or a lemon juice and soap bath.

This mat measures an extra-long 74", extra-thick 1/4", and a standard 24" width. Both the company and users stress that the thickness dimension is a true quarter inch (or 6.2 mm), unlike other yoga mats that shave a millimeter here and there. Another appeal is its composition: the Yoga Accessories mat (starting at $17, Amazon) contains no heavy metals or latex, and no inks, dyes, or phthalates (a substance used in plastics for bolster flexibility and durability). And, it's available in nearly two dozen colors, although some Yoga Accessories Extra Thick yoga mat reviews gripe that the actual colors look different from the online images. The mat weighs more than three pounds, putting it in the slightly heavy category, but some practitioners assert this feature enhances its longevity.

Based on the specs and users' reports, the Yoga Accessories mat would be a good choice for hard-core practitioners and those who are taller than average. Of course, this doesn't rule out anyone else. Beginners will also appreciate the thick padding and all users will benefit from its durability.

Maralyn Edid

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