CleanPVC Eco Yoga Mat Review



Yoga practitioners concerned about the environment are high on the CleanPVC Eco Yoga mat, which, as its name implies, is made without PVC. Users are pleased with the price, color choices, performance, and durability. Kids or adults with limited space can opt for a shorter and cheaper version.

The CleanPVC Eco Yoga Mat by Bean Products (starting at $13, Amazon) is a good option for environmentally-conscious yogis on a budget. It's made without heavy metals or phthalates (a substance that makes plastics more pliable and resilient); CleanPVC Eco Yoga Mat reviews say this is a large part of its appeal. In reviews on Overstock, users also talk up its comfort and value, generally praise its thickness, and gratefully note the absence of any chemical odors. Still, we read quite a few yoga mat reviews on Amazon insisting that this mat lacks sufficient tackiness, particularly when you sweat. Several reviewers also report that their mats started to disintegrate after only limited use. One practitioner, though, cautions that machine washing or chemical cleaners could stress the mat and undermine its durability.

This eco mat comes in about a dozen colors, although some CleanPVC yoga mat reviews report that the colors aren't true to what you see online. It measures 72 x 24 x 1/4 inches, dimensions considered extra long and extra thick in the cheap yoga mats world. One tall practitioner notes she doesn't have to step off the mat for certain poses, and others say the additional eighth of an inch in thickness affords good protection for backs and knees.

Another PVC-free yoga mat from Bean Products, the PER Yoga Mat, is cheaper, shorter, and thinner than the deluxe CleanPVC model. Made with polymer environmental resin (PER), this mat measures 68 x 24 x 1/8 inches and comes in 10 colors. But compared to assessments of the deluxe model, Bean Products PER Yoga Mat reviews are only mediocre, Some reviews on Amazon say it provides sufficient padding but others say it's unbearably thin. Likewise, some reviews say the grip is fine while others grouse about a surface that looks and feels like an oil slick.

There's a short PVC-free mat, also produced by Bean Products, that measures 24 x 60 inches and starts at $15. This version of the eco-friendly mats is a good option for kids, shorter adults, and people who travel or have limited practice space. It's just 1/8", though, and it comes in only two colors.

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