Nabisco Chips Ahoy Original Review


Nabisco's traditional Chips Ahoy cookies are increasingly subject to add-in innovations, from white fudge to "candy blasts," but these thin, crisp exemplars remain a satisfying companion to a glass of milk.

Chips Ahoy Original chocolate chip cookies (starting at $2.50 for a 13.72-ounce package, Amazon) are among the top-selling cookies in America. The brand has been widespread since the 1960s, and in Cheapism's taste test, a few panelists said the cookies taste like "classics" right off the bat.

The Chips Ahoy Original cookies were thinner and crispier than the competition, two qualities that some tasters preferred. Although the distinctive Chips Ahoy "crunch" was a hit with some, the others -- namely, those with a preference for chewy chocolate chip cookies -- considered the cookies excessively crunchy. The panel was also split on taste, with some judges declaring the cookies bland and unremarkable and others enjoying them very much. On the whole, our review panel concluded that these Chips Ahoy cookies were a bit dry and overly crumbly.

In Chips Ahoy Original reviews at Viewpoints, a few consumers call this their favorite cookie. One has savored this brand as a late night snack for more than two decades. However, another reviewer laments that it doesn't measure up to childhood memories. In a hands-on review of 17 chocolate chip cookie brands by The Huffington Post, Chips Ahoy Original ranks eighth. A few tasters comment that the flavor is a bit off, but one declares it near perfect for a commercial cookie.

The fats in these Chips Ahoy cookies are soybean oil and partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, and the sweeteners include sugar and high fructose corn syrup. The chocolate chips are semisweet. A single serving equals three cookies (they're a bit smaller than some of the others we reviewed -- somewhere in between bite-size and standard cookie size) for a total of 160 calories. About 36 cookies come in a 13.72-ounce package.

Gina Martinez

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