Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Review


These bite-size snack cookies boast lifelong enthusiasts and overwhelmingly positive reviews. They are simple, delectable classics -- crispy but not too crumbly, and chocolaty but not too heavy or greasy.

For a crispy chocolate chip cookie, consumers can't go wrong with Famous Amos (starting at $1.98 for a 12.4-ounce box, Amazon). Cheapism's tasting panel put these bite-size classics at the top of the list, and Famous Amos cookies get overwhelmingly positive reviews online, as well. Reviewers posting on Amazon join our panelists in remarking on the non-greasy but not-too-dry texture of these cookies. Many comment that Famous Amos cookies taste the same as they remember from childhood.

In Cheapism's taste test, panelists enjoyed the cookies in single bites, both plain and dunked in milk. The testers proclaimed the chocolate-to-cookie ratio ideal. They observed that the chocolate chips taste like real, rich chocolate -- unlike some of the other samples -- and don't leave any unpleasant aftertaste.

Famous Amos cookies are famous as vending machine snacks. Generations of Americans recognize the 2-ounce packages as popular treats for group gatherings, appreciated by kids and adults alike. Many reviews on retail sites such as Sam's Club note the convenience and quality of the product.

Frugal consumers can, of course, save a bit of money by buying the boxed cookies and divvying out portions in baggies or reusable containers. The 12.4-ounce box contains about 48 cookies. In terms of ingredients, Famous Amos cookies are sweetened with plain white sugar and molasses. The chips are semisweet, and the fat comes from vegetable oil. A single serving of four cookies has 150 calories.

Gina Martinez

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