Nabisco Chips Ahoy Chewy Review



Chips Ahoy Chewy cookies garner praise for their moist texture and abundance of semisweet chocolate chips, although some reviewers deem them mushy. Try microwaving them or pairing with ice cream.

The debate between Nabisco's Chips Ahoy Chewy and Chips Ahoy Original cookies was intense in Cheapism's chocolate chip cookie taste test. The texture of the Chips Ahoy Chewy cookies (starting at $2.50 for a 14-ounce package, Amazon) proved controversial. Many reviewers described them as "buttery" and pleasantly moist. One suggested they were soft enough to mix with vanilla ice cream for do-it-yourself chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Chips Ahoy Chewy reviews on the Walmart website indicate a strong liking for these cookies. A couple of consumers warn that they can be addictive.

Gina Martinez

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