Keebler Soft Batch Review

Think Twice

These chewy Keebler cookies claim some admirers, but most reviewers are put off by the taste and unpleasantly spongy texture. There aren't enough chips per cookie, and the chocolate tastes artificial.

Keebler Soft Batch chocolate chip cookies boast a low price point (starting at $1.98 for a 15-ounce package, Amazon) and evoke happy memories for a lot of people, perhaps because of Keebler's once-ubiquitous elves. However, these chewy cookies didn't live up to the nostalgic expectations of most panelists in Cheapism's taste test.

The tasters were disappointed by a dearth of chocolate chips in Keebler Soft Batch cookies and an overall blandness and artificiality. A couple of people described them as tasting "stale," with a doughy texture that was sponge-like and off-putting. On Amazon, many reviewers seem to agree, saying these cookies aren't up to the standards of other Keebler products. Several speculate that the company may be using a different recipe than it did in the past. Some consumers who have posted reviews on the Walmart website recommend microwaving the cookies for a few seconds to improve them, but most concur that they just don't hold a candle to other packaged brands, not to mention homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Keebler Soft Batch chocolate chip cookies have a long ingredient list that includes, along with semisweet chocolate, "chocolate flavored drops" made of sugar and partially hydrogenated oil. The sweetness comes mostly from high fructose corn syrup. The serving size of two cookies totals 150 calories. The 15-ounce package comes with about 13 servings.

Gina Martinez

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