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Computer Monitors Deals

Chances are if you're searching for computer monitor deals you have a laptop or a monitor that came with your desktop. This means you can take your time searching for the best bargain.

The good news is that computer monitor deals aren't limited to a specific time of year. Yes, late summer with its back-to-school specials is an obvious time to shop because many retailers offer discounts on computer systems, and sometimes on monitors as well. But computer monitors are on sale at various times throughout the year and retailers are always offering coupons and discounts that are just as good as the back-to-school specials. Your best bet for snagging a worthy computer monitor deals: Be diligent and patient, compare prices, and scavenge for coupons.

Retailers such as CompUSA and MicroCenter that deal specifically in computers and computer accessories are good starting points for your search. When you find a computer monitor deal you like, be sure you're getting a new monitor and not a gently used, open-box, or refurbished item. Geeks.com is another notable site and in searching there we spotted some new and refurbished models selling for less than $100. Geeks.com rates high in PriceGrabber's merchant ratings, earning an all-time score that's close to five stars. User comments focus on the site's excellent customer service reps, who reportedly are patient, helpful, and generally able to resolve issues fast and efficiently. Tiger Direct is another specialty retailer worth checking for computer monitor deals.

When searching for the best deals on computer monitors, check for free or very cheap shipping. Circuit City, primarily an electronics retailer, offers a host of computer monitor deals starting around $109.99, none of which are refurbished or open box models, and all come with free shipping. Best Buy offers a number of monitor deals in its sale section; prices start at just $89.99 and many deals include free shipping. Best Buy also has a Deal of the Day (which sometimes happens to be for a monitor) and deals by location. Walmart has numerous deals on monitors with prices starting around $100, most with free shipping to store if you're willing to go there for pick up. Target is also worth perusing and on the day we checked, the retailer was offering a 20-inch Acer for $116.99. Some items at Target qualify for free shipping when you spend at least $50.

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As you search for bargains on computer monitors be sure to consult deal and comparison sites. Tech Bargains is a useful site for anything electronic and we found many computer monitor deals the day we shopped. Brad's Deals is another valuable site and revealed several off-price deals we might have otherwise missed.

Online retailers to check include the usual suspects -- Amazon, Newegg, and Overstock. At Amazon many models qualify for free super saver shipping. Newegg also promotes computer monitor deals, with prices as low as $109.99, and many models come with free shipping. Newegg rates high with reviewers at ResellerRatings as a trusted site with fast shipping, an easy user interface, and helpful customer service.

Surprisingly, OfficeMax showed only 10 models with reduced prices the day we searched for computer monitor deals and just three in its weekly circular. Staples listed one monitor in its "weekly deals" section but was offering savings on eight models showcased on its regular computer monitors pages.

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