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This venerable diet plan maintains a well-developed website that provides plenty of self-help tools, diet-related information, and community support. You can also sign up for group meetings that help you track your progress and add a dose of real-person accountability to the effort. Weight Watchers boasts legions of satisfied adherents.

Hundreds of Weight Watchers reviews laud this program, reporting serious and sustained weight reduction accompanied by improvements in overall well-being. At the program's core is the well-established PointsPlus system, which assigns point values to various foods and gives users a daily target based on factors such as weight, activity level, age, and gender. (Nursing mothers are allotted more points, for example.) Dieters who have posted reviews on the Diets in Review site give Weight Watchers a 75 percent approval rating for reasons ranging from never feeling food-deprived to learning to eat in moderation, making smarter food choices, relishing the "free" fruits, and being confident that the pounds won't come back. The opportunity to eat what you want, optional group meetings with other adherents that hold you accountable for diet-related decisions, and guidelines that lead to lifestyle and behavior changes are cited as some of the plan's strong suits in comments posted at Viewpoints. Weight Watchers reviews also point out that the plan is easy to follow when eating away from home but note that constantly counting points becomes wearisome if you want to stick with it long term.

The support component of Weight Watchers is critical. Participants can join Weight Watchers online (starting at $18.95/monthly membership) or choose weekly in-person meetings. Many Weight Watchers followers credit a good meeting location and supportive peers for their success and suggest trying out different meetings to find one that feels simpatico. Weight Watchers Online offers access to forums, activity trackers, workout demonstrations, more than 4,000 recipes, and other tools. The accompanying iOS and Android mobile app also allows users to quickly find recipes with the food they have in the house, decode the value of restaurant menu items, pull up “cheat sheets,” and scan items at the grocery store to find their point value.

With Weight Watchers you can eat, in moderation, from all the food groups. Its four-pronged approach involves food, exercise, behavior, and support. An article published by The Guardian reports on medical research showing that Weight Watchers has the intended effect largely because of all the support: weekly meetings with other dieters and reinforcement in the form of self-monitoring and educational materials on nutrition, meal planning, and fitness. Indeed, Weight Watchers asserts the program works because it's not a diet but a way to learn how to eat right and live healthfully.

The strong support element of Weight Watchers and the proven results, even in the maintenance stage, are points in its favor. Another plus is that no food group is completely off-limits, which saves you from passing on tempting desserts or snacks. Weight Watchers is a sound diet for a cheap price that’s founded on portion control and behavior changes, which is why it sits atop our list.

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