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Digital Keychain Photo Frame

Digital keychain photo frames are mostly very affordable, ranging in price from $10 to $20, with a few topping out about $50. But these novelty items don't have a lot of the technical specs their full-size digital photo frame counterparts carry.

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For example, aspect ratio isn't even a factor with cheap digital keychain photo frames, and when referring to resolution, most manufacturers simply mention whether their cheap digital keychain photo frame has "high" or "low" resolution without offering anything more specific. These tiny photo frames typically only support image files and are usually limited to the most common JPEG file format.

During our research, we found a lack of expert reviews as well as limited user reviews for this product. It may be that digital keychain photo frames may be too small and too low- priced to warrant significant time reviewing them.

That said, the two features that do seem to matter to users who do bother to write reviews are internal memory capacity -- the bigger, the better -- and battery life, in this case, the longer the better. (There's no external memory option with digital keychain photo frames.) The Tao Digital Keychain (starting at $10) stands out when it comes to both of these features. It holds up to 100 pictures in its 16MB memory, keeps a charge for three to four hours of continuous use, and comes with a one-year warranty. It garners many positive comments in digital keychain photo frames reviews on Amazon, where shoppers say pictures loaded to this cheap digital keychain photo frame look clear and crisp, uploading is a snap, and it makes the perfect gift for those people-who-have-everything. On the other hand, the Shift3 Digital Photo Keychain (starting at $15) has an internal memory of only 8MB, which is the equivalent of about 60 pictures. Numerous users at both Amazon and Walgreens complain in digital keychain photo frames reviews about this key chain. Most reviewers call it junk and say it either won't charge or, if it does charge, it won't hold the charge at all; nor is it compatible with a PC so you can't upload pictures. One user notes that while his computer recognized the software, it took so long to upload the photos, the computer actually gave up and shut the program down before the pictures arrived.

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