Shift3 Digital Photo Keychain Review


Think Twice

Even with its low price, users say the Shift3 isn't worth the money. Some report it refuses to hold a charge, others say their PC doesn't recognize the product's software, and still others say loading pictures takes so long it's not even worth messing with.

Consumers posting Shift3 digital photo keychain reviews at Walgreens describe it as a frustrating gadget that isn't worth the time or money. It appears to be incompatible with numerous operating systems and many PCs don't recognize it, so there's no way to upload pictures. Several users also report that the battery won't hold a charge when unplugged, making this on-the-go gizmo essentially useless. That said, the lone reviewer of this product at Overstock doesn't report any problems with its ease of use or battery life, saying that it works better than a previously purchased model.

Even in a category short on technical specs, Shift3 (starting at $15, Amazon) doesn't provide much information for online shoppers. The manufacturer's description simply calls the resolution "high," offering no specific numbers. The keychain measures 1.4 inches and has 8MB of internal memory, which equates to about 60 pictures. (External memory is not an option with any budget digital photo keychain.) Supported image files include JPEG and BMP and there is a slide show option. The manufacturer provides no information about the battery life.

The lack of technical specs and the mostly poor user reviews make us doubtful this cheap digital photo keychain is worth the money. Users seem to have a hard time getting images onto the small device and end up giving up on it. For the price, you can get a much less problematic digital photo keychain.

Raechel Conover

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