Digital Foci Image Moments Review


A Digital Foci Image Moments review at concludes that above-average picture quality can't make up for shortcomings elsewhere. The frame just isn't very user-friendly, according to this review, and the product itself seems lower quality than others. One user who posted a Digital Foci Image Moments review on Amazon found it an ideal gift for several family members, although he notes that learning to use the frame can be a bit difficult. There's also no mute button, so if you set up the frame to display images with audio, be prepared to listen to the same soundtrack over and over.

The Digital Foci (starting at $59, Amazon) is the smallest frame on our list (with the exception of the digital photo keychains), at just 5.7 inches wide. That means the 640x480 resolution makes for very high pixel density. This is the main selling point for the frame: Images should appear even clearer and crisper than they would on an average-resolution frame. This cheap digital frame has the standard 4:3 aspect ratio and supports multiple image, audio, and video formats. It comes with 450MB of internal memory, and external memory is supported through three different inputs: one for a memory stick and two for memory cards. Extras include a remote control, a slide show feature with transitioning effects, and a timer.

We were surprised to find very few reviews for this cheap digital picture frame. While the few reviews we did find rate the frame as decent, we have concerns about ease of use and the overall quality of the frame. You can find a larger, better-reviewed digital picture frame on a budget.

Raechel Conover

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