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Several features can make a cheap digital photo frame stand out from the pack. Higher resolution means a crisper image on screen; anything over 640x480 is a good bet for a 7-inch frame. An aspect ratio of 4:3, which determines how the image fits the budget photo frame's dimensions, is well-suited to images shot with a standard digital camera. The more file formats a cheap digital picture frame supports, the more compatible it will be with all your electronic devices, though JPEG is sufficient if you only plan to use the frame for images. The more internal memory in the digital frame, the more photos it will hold; an external memory option is a plus, providing more stored pictures for your viewing pleasure. While warranties aren't always available, a cheap digital frame with a one-year warranty is a useful extra.

Digital keychain photo frames emphasize different specs. Aspect ratio and external memory are irrelevant, and key chain frames support only a few image formats. The critical element is memory: the bigger, the better. Also look for models with "high" resolution. There's typically no warranty offered with these small gadgets, but the slide show option is a normal feature in cheap digital keychain photo frames.

Size Resolution Aspect Ratio Supported File Formats Internal Memory External Memory Warranty
Pandigital PAN7000DW estimated price $60
7-inch 800x600 4:3 Various image, music, and video formats, including JPEG, AVI, and MP3 1GB Yes None
Sony DPF-D710 estimated price $67
7-inch 800x480 16:10 Various image formats, including JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and RAW 128MB Yes 1 year
Kodak EasyShare P750 estimated price $77
7-inch 800x600 4:3 Various image formats, including JPEG and EXIF 2GB Yes 1 year
Tao Digital Keychain estimated price $10
1.5-inch 128x128 N/A JPEG 16MB N/A None
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