Canidae Life Stages Review



BEST CANNED DOG FOOD. Improved skin, coat, and intestinal health come from Canidae Life Stages formulas, according to happy dog owners. Experts also like this canned variety, especially its choice ingredients.

Canidae Life Stages is a big hit with dogs and their owners. Reviews at Wag of the Lamb and Rice Formula as well as other taste combinations in the Life Stages line indicate that pets are wild about the taste of this canned food and their masters are thrilled with the quality and its contribution to the animals' overall health. One Canidae Life Stages reviewer who raises three dogs reports that all are prone to diarrhea when eating canned food, but this brand is an exception. Enthusiasm spills over at Chewy, where owners laud the taste and ingredients, in particular noting that the grain-free recipes are a boon to dogs with allergies. Several also report marked improvements in their pets' skin and coats.

Experts likewise give Canidae Life Stages a hearty endorsement: 4.5 stars at Dog Food Advisor and a "highly recommended" summation, primarily due to ingredients that include animal protein such as lamb and whitefish, sunflower oil (omega-6 fatty acids) and flaxseed oil (omega-3 fatty acids), and complex carbohydrates like brown rice.

Canidae Life Stages (starting at 15 cents/ounce, Amazon) comes in both canned and dry form, and includes different formulations for taste, animal age, and animal size. The Large Breed Adult recipe, for example, leads off with chicken, duck broth, duck, dried egg whites, and brown rice and also includes lentils and pea flour. Canidae dog foods are free of ingredients that experts frown upon, like wheat, corn, and soy, as well as artificial flavors, preservatives, hormones, and antibiotics. Canidae makes dog treats and snacks and a parallel line of foodstuffs for cats.

Many Canidae Life Stages reviews report using the canned varieties as a topper or mix-in with Canidae kibble. Alone or in combination, Canidae Life Stages is a line of natural dog food with top quality ingredients and lots of satisfied customers.

Raechel Conover

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