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GOOD DRY DOG FOOD. A small family-owned maker of pet food, Fromm prides itself on kibble that's heavy on high-quality ingredients such as chicken and chicken meal. Reviewers often report improved stomach health for their pets.

Fromm Classic Adult formula reviews are generous with their praise. At Chewy, five stars are the norm, with a sprinkling of four stars just to keep things lively. What dog owners rave about in Fromm Classic Adult formula reviews is the reasonable price for a dog food made of top-quality ingredients (e.g., chicken, whole grains, egg, and plant-derived protein) that dogs seem to thrive on. One reviewer notes that her dog has completely recovered from intestinal and skin irritations since starting on Fromm Classic Adult formula, while others remark on the positive effect on dogs' coats, allergic scratching, and appetites. The fresh taste seems to appeal to one and all alike, making it possible to feed a multiple-dog household on just one kibble formula.

And yet, Dog Food Advisor's Fromm Classic Adult formula review awards it just 3.5 stars mainly because this expert considers the share of protein derived from animals to be a tad meager. The review does, however, extol the overall nutritional value of the ingredients, citing inputs such as chicken meal (more protein-dense than regular chicken), chicken fat (omega-6 fatty acids), fish meal, oatmeal (B vitamins and fiber), and flaxseed (omega-3 fatty acids and fiber).

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Despite being described as a plant-based kibble by Dog Food Advisor, the first two ingredients in Fromm Classic Adult are chicken and chicken meal, two good sources of protein. Quality carbohydrates include brown rice and pearled barley, both recommended as excellent energy sources. The Classic Adult formula (starting at 10 cents/ounce, Amazon) also contains cheese, beet pulp, chicory root extract, and a variety of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. There are no meat by-products, chemical preservatives, artificial food coloring, or sweeteners in any Fromm product. The company produces a varied lineup of dog and cat food, both dry and wet. Chow for dogs comes in three different formulas, each at a distinct price point; the Classic line sits at the budget end of the offerings.

We read a lot of positive comments about Fromm Classic Adult kibble. One thing we particularly like is the record of no recalls for products made by this small, family company, which stands in contrast to some of the bigger-name brands in the industry. Positive health effects are another mark in its favor.

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