Natural Balance Ultra Review



GOOD CANNED DOG FOOD. The aroma of this canned dog food splits owners but not their pets, who apparently relish the taste and smell. The various Ultra formulas also seem to be good for the animals' overall health.

Healthy and tasty is the consensus view in Natural Balance Ultra reviews. Pet owners who posted at Chewy about the Lamb Formula in the Ultra line of canned dog food award it five stars, saying it helps reduce allergic reactions and keeps even finicky dogs energetic and satiated. Several owners report beefing up bowls of the company's (and sometimes competitors') dry dog food with spoonfuls of Natural Balance wet chow. Natural Balance Ultra Premium kibble likewise scores big with dogs and their owners. Facing a bowl mixed with another brand, writes a reviewer at Amazon, the animal picked out the Natural Balance bits and left the rest.

The few reviews of Natural Balance Original Ultra Premium at Wag are somewhat mixed about this variant on the Ultra theme. One pet owner raves about its healing effects on the skin of a rescue dog and in the appearance of its stools and another says the product pleases a fussy eater. A third, however, gripes about an off-putting smell and reports resistance, although ultimate surrender, by the pet.

Natural Balance Ultra (starting at 17 cents/ounce, Amazon) dog foods are packed with the kind of ingredients animal experts favor. The Original Ultra formula contains chicken, chicken liver, duck, lamb, and salmon as the top five solid ingredients, following chicken broth; healthy carbohydrates include oat bran and brown rice, as well as carrots and potatoes. The Liver Formula leads off with beef liver, followed by beef broth, beef, carrots, oat bran, brown rice, and potatoes. There are no artificial colors or flavors in the recipes. Other canned formulas from Natural Balance include "limited ingredient diets" and a vegetarian formulation. Dry kibble products likewise come in assorted variations, such as grain-free and organic and one for fat dogs. Owners can also choose food rolls, stews, and treats. A parallel line of cat formulas is available.

Natural Balance Ultra is a healthy food source for dogs. It contains a balanced mix of animal protein and quality carbohydrates. Owners like the effect on their dogs' skin and digestion, and user ratings for the Ultra product lineup (including kibble) are strong.

Raechel Conover

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