Baby Trend Sit N' Stand Double Review



An updated version of the Sit N' Stand Plus, the Double includes a child tray in the front and rear seats. It accommodates two infant seats (certain models from the Baby Trend, Evenflo, or Britax lines) and the rear seat converts to a jump seat or standing platform. Parents purchase this stroller for its versatile seating options despite limited foot room and a hard-to-access storage basket.

Baby Trend Sit N' Stand Double reviews award this tandem stroller high marks for its all-around versatility. It's a favorite among parents and caregivers who posted at Buzzillions and Walmart, where they extol the two comfortable seats, the slightly elevated rear seat, and the option of turning that back space into a jump seat or standing platform. Most operators find this tandem sturdy and easy enough to navigate -- even with one hand, asserts one post -- although a few double stroller reviews report difficulties steering, particularly when there's heavy cargo loaded on board. Some reviewers report that the front seat is too small for taller children and others grumble about having to remove canopies and carefully align the front wheels prior to folding. But overall, the Sit N' Stand claims numerous fans who have happily used it at theme parks, in daycare settings, while running errands or strolling about town.

Best suited for parents or caretakers with both a baby and a toddler or preschooler, the Baby Trend Sit N' Stand Double (starting at $163, Amazon) gives little passengers the choice of two standard stroller seats, a jump seat, or a standing platform. This model is compatible with several infant car seats from Baby Trend (22 and 30 pounds), Evenflo (Embrace and Discovery), and Britax (Companion and Chaperone) and can hold two at a time. Each seat can hold a maximum 40 pounds. It boasts sought-after features such as rear foot brakes, parent and child trays, and reclining seats with 5-point harnesses (3-points for the jump seat).

While the Sit N' Stand Double isn't perfect, garnering criticism for its bulk and fit for tall kids, there are few other double strollers in the marketplace that offer parents quite as many seating options at such a value price.

Gina Briles

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