George Foreman Champ Review



A small (36 square inches) contact grill that the manufacturer refers to as a sandwich maker heats up and cooks food quickly; users like the tasty results and minimal fuss, especially given the price.

The lowest-priced indoor electric grill on our list of recommended buys, the George Foreman Champ GR10B (starting at $20, Amazon) finds favor with consumers for its compact (9 2/5 x 10 1/5 x 5) size, reliability, and price. George Foreman Champ reviews on Amazon particularly like the simplicity, portability, and speed of this contact (two-sided) grill.

And yet, the George Foreman Champ has its flaws. Cleaning, for example. The grill plates can't be removed, and George Foreman Champ reviews on Epinions note that clean up can take longer than cooking; one reviewer uses a toothbrush to clean between the ridges on the non-stick grill plates. In addition, this bare-bones model has no temperature control and some consumers report that it runs hot and burns the outside while leaving the inside raw or dry. For an affordable $17, you get you get a nifty little grill with 36 square inches of grilling surface that gets food on the table in no time. Sometimes ease of use and convenience are worth a few minor hassles.

Tess Rose Lampert

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