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Moisturizer Performance

Based on a comparison of ingredients and moisturizer reviews, we found that low-priced moisturizers perform as well as, if not better than, expensive department store brands. Indeed, consumers are quite satisfied with their purchases and consider cheap day creams a good alternative to the upscale competition.

We didn't find any products that are roundly panned nor any that should be completely avoided.

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No matter what type of skin you have, you can find an inexpensive moisturizer that delivers. Moisturizer reviews on Drugstore.com say Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer is an adequate hydrator for sensitive skin and considered a good buy for the price. Users comment that the formula is light and suitable for most skin types, while dermatologists favor Cetaphil because it hydrates sensitive/acneic skin without worsening the skin's underlying condition. Although one user posting a review on Amazon complains that Cetaphil smells peculiar and feels oily, other users say it's a good undercoat for makeup and works best with its companion facial cleanser.

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Reviews of Aveeno Active Naturals are glowing, despite its not-quite-cheap price. Users rave about the effective anti-aging formula and smooth balmy feel in moisturizer reviews on Drugstore.com, although a handful of critics say it's a bit greasy and suffocates the skin. Reviews on Total Beauty give this budget moisturizer high marks, particularly for the high SPF and rich creamy consistency that users say is ideal for nourishing and protecting mature skin. The cheaper St. Ives Fresh Skin Collagen Elastin likes earns appreciative comments in day cream reviews on Drugstore.com, where consumers support product claims to smooth and firm skin, soften fine lines, and minimize wrinkles. Although the product is marketed as an anti-aging moisturizer, extensive user reviews suggest that it's also appropriate for acne-prone, sensitive, normal, and "everything" skin.

For people with oily skin, Olay Active Hydrating Cream, is a standout. It keeps skin plump and moist without feeling greasy, according to moisturizer reviews on Drugstore.com and Makeup Alley. For the price, say users posting on Amazon, Olay Active Hydrating Cream earns praise for its efficacy in moisturizing, repairing, and improving the skin's overall tone and texture. Clean & Clear Oil Free is another good inexpensive moisturizer for oily skin. According to moisturizer reviews on Drugstore.com, Clean & Clear soothes, smoothes, hydrates, and feels cool on your face. Some younger users report it doesn't do much for acne but others say it helps relieve mild adult acne.

An effective remedy for parched, dry skin is Ponds Dry Skin Cream, according to moisturizer reviews by consumers on Overstock Drugstore. Users appreciate the increased hydration, pleasant scent, softening effects, and hypoallergenic formula. Moisturizer reviews on Epinions also note that Ponds Dry Skin Cream has a pleasant scent and does not irritate the skin. This classic day cream earns similar accolades on the Walgreens website, where users also express appreciation for the affordable price.

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Bottom line: Basically, you can't go wrong with a low-priced day cream. Every product we've researched, including those on our list , has its partisans and its detractors. The key is finding the one that's right for you. Even if your skin type matches the performance claims of a given moisturizer, it may not have the desired effect on your skin. So, experiment a bit. The virtue of shopping in a department or specialty store is the ability to test the product. If you find one you like, take note of the ingredients and then compare the list against the cheaper drugstore varieties. Where there's a lot of overlap, you can feel fairly confident that you'll get the same favorable results. If you know your skin type and do your homework, selecting a cheap moisturizer will be a smooth process.

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