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This disc-shaped activity tracker can be attached to a wristband, clipped on, or placed in a pocket. Jawbone's app is one of the best out there, with diet tracking and tips to keep users motivated.

The Jawbone Up Move (starting at $24, Amazon) is the least expensive device in Jawbone's popular fitness tracker lineup. The company's robust ecosystem makes this a good contender for best cheap fitness tracker, although the device has its limitations, according to Jawbone Up Move reviews.

The Up Move is small disc powered by a watch battery that lasts about six months. It's available in several colors and designs and can be worn in a clip, on a wristband, or in a pocket. Although a PCMag reviewer appreciates the flexibility of the design, she says, "It's not stylish." It's also not waterproof and can't be worn in the shower or for swimming. It is water-resistant, so sweat shouldn't harm it.

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The Up Move doesn't have a display screen to show precise progress toward a step-count goal. Instead, several LEDs that light up to show the wearer's progress, the time, and whether the device is on sleep mode. The Up Move tracks sleep time and efficiency, including deep vs. light sleep, although it must be switched into sleep mode before you close your eyes. Pressing the display twice and holding activates stopwatch mode, used to track other activities such as cycling or a fitness class. A user who reviewed the Up Move on Amazon has found the resulting data accurate, even when the device is in a pocket instead of being worn on the body. Expert reviewers seem to agree that the readouts are fairly spot-on.

One of the best parts of owning a Jawbone device, reviewers say, is the accompanying mobile app. It's available for recent iPhone and Android devices and lets users easily sync a Jawbone fitness tracker to a mobile device. Within the app, users can see precise step counts, set goals, get details on their sleep patterns and physical activities, tag Stopwatch mode activities, and connect with friends for competition. The Smart Coach feature monitors activity and provides tips and motivation to keep users on track. An expert reviewer at Tom's Guide says the Up Move detected that he took 31 minutes to fall asleep and the app suggested a relaxing guided meditation for the following evening.

The Up app can also create a meal log, incorporate that data into an overall health score, and suggest improvements. Some users still find it too tedious to bother logging their meals, although a barcode scanner (using the camera on a mobile device) and an in-house food database help simplify the process. Anyone already counting calories with a tool such as MyFitnessPal can sync their data with the Up app. Jawbone also has an Up Coffee app that helps users monitor the effect of caffeine on their sleep patterns.

Ultimately the Up Move is the cheapest tracker for Jawbone's excellent software platform -- by a long shot: It's half the price of the bracelet-style Up2.

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