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best aggregates job listings from all over, increasing the chances of finding a potential match. Users are mostly keen on its website and mobile app but cite weaknesses like duplicate and old listings.

For all the barbs lobbed at this job-search engine, reviews are quite strong. On Trust Pilot the site earns a score of 9.2 out of 10 from users who cheerily write about the large volume and high quality of the listings, the frequency and accuracy of email alerts, and their success at getting interviews and quickly landing a job. The satisfaction rating tallied at Viewpoints hit 84 percent compared with an average 66 for other job search sites. A headhunter who posted an review at Viewpoints generally gives it a thumbs-up, citing its search engine structure as a big plus. Because amasses job postings from employer and other job-listing sites, the commenter explains, users are more likely to learn of openings than if they had searched sites filled with postings submitted exclusively by recruiters.

Still, this professional and job seekers themselves have some nits to pick. reviews complain of repeat postings and others that are old, some that don't list the company name, and some that seem to be scams. The site's mobile app for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android devices wins plaudits, but users grouse about its limitations, noting that applications for many jobs cannot be sent from a mobile device and the app isn't always up to date. offers a variety of convenient features. You can save favorite job listings and arrange for personalized emails for jobs that match your interests and qualifications. Ratings and reviews of companies supplied by employees give you a picture of the workplace environment, which is the kind of information you want before submitting an application. If you would like employers to seek you out, you can post a resume on the site. You also can find and compare salaries with the salary search tool. The site tracks hot job trends and maintains several forums that encourage user interaction and provide a sense of community.

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