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Think Twice offers several novel features (e.g., self-tests for career suitability) but is burdened by reports of fraudulent job postings and spam jamming inboxes.

The take-away from reviews is "don't bother." At Viewpoints, for example, the job search site scores a 56 out of 100, well below the average of 66 for job search sites. Many reviews complain about emails and job alerts for positions that are outside job seekers' fields of interest and level of expertise and the heavy presence of get-rich-quick scams. One reviewer reports he was inundated with spam and unsubscribing to the site didn't stop the inflow. And while job seekers appreciate the sheer number of postings, reviews assert many turn out to be useless. The company encourages users to contact its trust and site security team with concerns about fraudulent posts, but comments posted at Consumer Affairs indicate that queries receive quick but unhelpful responses and no guidance about how to stop email and phone contact initiated by unscrupulous organizations.

The apps for Android and Apple devices let you do most of the things you would on the website. reviews of the app posted at Google Play are mixed but more favorable than for the site itself. Some app users have trouble with some of the functions (e.g., setting up an account, refreshing job postings), some note you can't update a resume on the app, and some say it can't be used to actually apply for a job although that's supposedly one of its features; others assert they found jobs using the app and are big fans. offers the usual array of services, including job search and resume posting. There is a salary calculator based on job title and location, a tool for keeping track of saved jobs and applications, and a variety of tests you can take to learn more about career suitability. One unusual feature is the hireINSIDER tool, which lets you assess the competition (number of applicants, education levels, years of experience, etc.) once you've applied for that position. The search feature lets you search by audience (e.g., diversity jobs, jobs for veterans) and you can manage the type of emails you receive and tailor job alerts with selected keywords. Additionally, the site maintains a fee-based resume upgrade service (starting at $179) and provides resources and advice pertinent to your industry and current work experience.

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