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eHarmony is possibly the most famous of all online dating sites, with years of experience and marketing muscle behind its brand. eHarmony reviews indicate that some users like the non-stress approach of hands-off matching, while others express disappointment at the forced reliance on the matching algorithm and the inability to conduct their own searches. Making a match may take weeks, according to users, and the site encourages patience. The Dating Gurus' eHarmony review asserts that the site is particularly useful for people who are marriage-minded and searching for committed, long-term relationships. It also appeals to people who are concerned about privacy; profile information and photos are not shared until relatively late in the matching process.

Still, there are a host of negative eHarmony reviews posted at Consumer Affairs.Users Users complain about poor customer service, automatic renewals and the difficulty of canceling a subscription, and the failure to find any good matches. Due to the length of time that often goes by before a match turns up, some critical eHarmony reviews wonder whether the site purposefully delays matches in order to reap more payments from members.

Reviews also caution that the site was originally intended as a Christian dating site and still retains many religious values. In other words, people seeking same-sex connections may not feel particularly comfortable or well-matched on eHarmony, and those interested in more casual relationships are also advised to look elsewhere. On the other hand, successful matches have been made through the site.

eHarmony is among the most selective of online dating platforms, sometimes refusing applications from people who don't fit the current match pool. Although some would-be members may balk, this strategy could be understood as screening out those with a potentially spurious agenda. For all that, eHarmony claims an active and engaged audience, ranking 668 on the Alexa popularity list with users who spend an average of 7:12 minutes on the site during each visit. Mobile users can download a free app.

Creating a profile on eHarmony is free, but access to the functions requires a paid subscription, which starts at $20.95 a month for 12 months. The sign-up process consists of 400 questions about your personality, with answers given on a five-point scale from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree." After answering the questions and creating a profile, eHarmony encourages users to relax and wait. Once a match is made, the site ferries the dating process along four steps of increased communication, leading up to an in-person meeting.

The high monthly fees, coupled with the waiting period until a match is made, makes eHarmony an expensive proposition for frugal online daters. There are cheaper alternatives out there.

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