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Instead of focusing on questions, How About We prods users to focus on activity by connecting them through shared visions of an ideal date. The premise is intriguing, but How About We is relatively new and beset by small bugs, glitches, and a structure that frustrates users. Signing up is free but useful features require a subscription.

How About We is a relative newcomer to the online dating scene that offers an unusual matching model. While some reviews seem partial to an approach that relies on the where, what, and when of an ideal date to determine compatibility, others balk at the absence of personality indicators/ and messaging baby steps. The underlying assumption is that users are tired of the usual (and tedious) profile-building and search processes associated with online dating and would prefer to just get up and go. The How About We review by The Dating Gurus' generally likes the idea and assigns the site a B rating, but expresses reservations about the casual indifference to suitability factors.

Some How About We reviews also grouse about conceptual flaws in the program and structural flaws in the platform. The site offers limited functionality for its free service -- create a profile, browse others' profiles, and scroll through the forums -- but everything else requires a paid subscription that starts at $7.99 a month for one year, and cost more on a monthly basis for shorter periods. And therein lies one source of user frustration. How About We reviews at the Google Play Store, for example, carp about being left in the dark after sending a message that doesn't generate a response: is the recipient just not interested or not a paying member? Additionally, some carp about not being able to post photos and others about not being able to follow through on a proposed date.

With a paid membership, users can search, respond to other people's date requests, as well as suggest their own date ideas. They can also send messages requesting additional information. When we tested How About We, we found few dating opportunities in less densely populated areas; the majority of users were clustered in and around major metropolitan areas. That said, site's associated community is fairly large; Alexa ranks it 2,812 in popularity in the United States and reports the average user spends 4:32 minutes on the site.

Much like Plenty of Fish, How About We hosts an active and vibrant community section where date ideas, heartbreak, and general relationship advice is readily available. How About We also has a free mobile app that earns three stars at the Google Play Store.

An interesting premise, but the price, lack of personality-based profiles, user base mostly confined to large cities, and software glitches argue against a rush to sign up. This site needs time to grow and evolve.

Jeremy Bender

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