Eating Right Chicken Enchilada Review



Tasters were initially skeptical of this "bland-looking" diet meal, but the "nice chicken flavor" and a "light sauce" with "slight creaminess" were enough to create converts. This enchilada edged out the Kashi Chicken Enchiladas with slightly more "favorite" votes, although some still said it "needs spice."

Safeway's house-branded Eating Right Chicken Enchilada retails at $2 for a 9-ounce portion. Our panel's review commended this meal's "nice-sized pieces of chicken" that actually tasted like chicken and also approved of the "light" sauce and "creaminess." Most Eating Right Chicken Enchilada reviewers deemed this their favorite of the frozen enchilada meals they sampled, but they did find room for improvement. One panelist commented that the Eating Right Chicken Enchilada "doesn't look great" while ultimately conceding she was more partial to the flavor than to the appearance. Another taster said it had "good texture" but "not much flavor."

We found sparse Eating Right Chicken Enchilada reviews online; those posted were filled with lukewarm praise. While the writer of a lifestyle article at Dallas News did not include this option in her top-five list of frozen meals she'd buy again, she also indicated she wouldn't rule out a second sampling. A blogger who reviewed Eating Right Chicken Enchilada at Urbzen was more complimentary, citing the portion size, the tasty green chili sauce, and the high protein content as positives. The downsides, according to the blogger, include lots of sodium and "mystery ingredients" and the lack of beans to go along with the rice.

The Eating Right Chicken Enchilada contains 550 mg of sodium, or an estimated 23 percent of a diner's daily allowance. (To those on a low-salt diet we suggest proceeding with caution.) There are 300 calories in each portion, 16.1 grams of protein, and 6.1 grams of total fat, which translates to 9 percent of the recommended daily value. Each serving of enchilada and rice also provides 15 percent of the recommended vitamins A and C, and calcium.

Gina Briles

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