Freschetta 4-Cheese Medley Review



BEST FROZEN CHEESE PIZZA. The Freschetta 4-Cheese Medley impressed our testers with its "tangy sauce," "herb flecks," and "complex" flavor profile with a taste of "more than one cheese." Some thought it smacked of "dry bread flavor" and still "tasted like frozen food." Nonetheless, most said they would eat it again and it received the highest score in the cheese pizza category.

Like all the pizzas we placed in front of our tasting panel, this pre-prepared pie wasn't perfect. One panelist said it had a "fatty flavor" and some found the starchiness of the crust "overpowering," but most Freschetta 4-Cheese Medley reviews were positive.

What led this pie to victory in the cheese pizza category was a certain harmony of texture and taste. Panelists said it had a "nice ratio of sauce to dough" and liked the "evenness" of the crust. They also appreciated this product's "nice tomato flavor" and "complex" mix of cheeses.

A search for additional Freschetta 4-Cheese Medley reviews online yielded scant feedback, although consumers' attitudes toward the brand seem generally favorable. Bloggers tend to talk about Freschetta in relation to giveaways or coupons but make positive comments about the pizza itself (which they often get to sample for free). The writer behind A Nut in a Nutshell, for instance, calls the 4-Cheese Medley her favorite variety and says she indulges in it more often than she'd like to admit.

At a price of $5.99 for 26.11 ounces at our local supermarket, the Freschetta 4-Cheese Medley ($5.99 for 26.11 ounces, or 23 cents an ounce) commanded about 10 cents more per ounce than our cheapest selections. But reviews landed it on the high end of our blind taste test, as well. It took the top spot among the cheese pizzas by a nose, with an average rating of 3.2 out of 5. Only half the tasters said they would choose to eat this pizza again, however.

While this pizza can't be considered delivery-quality, as frozen pies go it's a solid choice that ticked most of the boxes for our testers, from initial appearance to aftertaste. Panelists liked the "tart to sweet finish" of the sauce and the slight spiciness, as well as the visual appeal of the "herb flecks" sprinkled on top.

Gina Briles

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