Trader Joe's Deep Dish Pepperoni Review


Trader Joe's Deep Dish Pepperoni ($3.99 for 16.5 ounces, or 24 cents an ounce) was competitively priced at $3.99. That's well under the typical $5 to $6 that brand-name frozen pizzas and even some generics regularly go for. The per-ounce cost of 24 cents, however, was the third-most expensive among the products we tested. Trader Joe's Deep Dish Pepperoni might make a cheap dinner for someone eating solo or for two people with small appetites, but it doesn't offer the value of a Freschetta or DiGiorno if you are trying to feed a family.

Our panel of pizza eaters wasn't kind to Trader Joe's Deep Dish Pepperoni. They were unimpressed by the messy pile of ingredients and described the cheese as "stringy" (and not in the appealing way that mozzarella stretches when you lift a slice). Testers were a little more positive regarding taste. Some did like the "savory sauce," but many agreed it was "overly spiced" with "too much Italian seasoning." A few said they thought the pizza had "decent flavor," while for others it fell "a little flat." Perhaps the best thing about Trader Joe's Deep Dish Pepperoni, according to the panel, was the "great crust," which was "nice and crisp."

Online, the blogger behind An Immovable Feast appreciates the sauce and pepperoni but gives this pizza lukewarm praise, preferring other frozen pizzas from Trader Joe's. Our panelists similarly awarded the grocer's Trader Giotto's Pizza 4 Formaggi a much higher score than they gave this deep-dish pie.

Gina Briles

Gina K. Briles writes family, household, and shopping-related product reviews. She is a displaced Jayhawk and a coffee addict living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two small children, and Vizsla dog.

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