Carrier Infinity Furnace Review



With a 10-year warranty on parts and 20 years on the heat exchanger, this series of gas furnaces is a safe buy. The Infinity 80 is the cheapest model, offering 80% AFUE, while the Infinity 96 boasts a 96% AFUE. Both have a variable speed blower, which further increases their efficiency.

The Carrier Infinity Series (starting at $2,500), especially the Infinity 96, has a stellar reputation in the furnace industry, according to Carrier furnace reviews. Experts at Galt Technology identify Carrier as one of the top furnace brands. Reviews at this site report that the Infinity 96 is a reliable furnace that lasts a long time and requires minimal repairs. In one review on the site, a contractor who has been installing the furnaces for more than 10 years says the Infinity 96 is the model he recommends most due to its long lifespan, impeccable performance, and limited problems.

Carrier furnaces have some of the best warranties in the business. The Infinity Series carries a 10-year warranty on parts and up to a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. There are several models in the series; the cheapest is the Infinity 80, which has an 80% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. All the models have variable-speed blowers and variable heat output, which allows them to run at one speed in mild weather and kick it up a notch when the mercury drops. The Infinity Series also includes Carrier's IdealHumidity system, which adjusts the humidity level along with temperature depending on the season.

It's important to note that older, high-efficiency furnaces produced by Carrier were the subject of a now-settled class action lawsuit, which asserted that a critical component in the furnace (the condensing heat exchanger) was manufactured with inferior materials and failed before the end of its expected 20-year lifespan. However, new Carrier furnaces (sold after 2008) are not part of the complaint, nor were less efficient Carrier models (with lower than 90% AFUE). Overall, experts and consumers seem to consider a new Carrier Infinity Series furnace a wise purchase for any homeowner.

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