Lennox Merit Furnace Review



The reliable Lennox Merit Series starts at 80% AFUE and comes with a standard five-year warranty on the covered components and a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger. Lennox is a brand that receives a lot of hype, but most customers say the attention is deserved because the units are efficient and reliable.

The Lennox brand earns a mix of positive and negative feedback on the review site Furnacecompare.com. Many users posting Lennox furnace reviews report satisfaction with the units' heating ability, cost-saving efficiency, and quiet operation. Dealers and technicians posting reviews assert that most complaints on the site likely stem from faulty installation or service rather than poor workmanship on the part of the brand. The affordable Merit Series (starting at $2,000) from Lennox is a mid-efficiency line that's lauded by experts at this site for saving consumers money on both equipment costs and energy bills. According to the site's review, the brand has a reputation for quality and dependability.

Most models in the Merit Series have an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of 80%, although the series does include units with higher AFUE ratings that carry the Energy Star label. The company backs the furnaces with a standard five-year warranty on parts and controls and a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger. Merit Series furnaces are made from durable steel and can be coupled with an electric heat pump. This so-called "dual fuel" capability lets them switch back and forth between gas and electric heat to be as energy efficient as possible. As you move up in price point in the series, you get more features, such as two-stage burners and more sophisticated insulation around the furnace, which helps reduce noise.

Industry experts vouch for the Lennox Merit series as a strong choice in cheap furnaces. Dealers and technicians blame critical consumer reviews on flawed installation and service, calling the Lennox furnaces reliable and efficient. We'll venture to say the brand is a good bet.

Raechel Conover

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