Hot Tools Ionic Anti-Static Travel Dryer Review


Users can't seem to agree about the virtues or the flaws of this travel hair dryer. Hot Tools Anti-Static Ionic Travel Hair Dryer reviews are quite mixed. Consumers posting reviews at are split in their assessment of this cheap hair dryer: some say they use it for travel and home and appreciate its fast drying capabilities and low price; others report it's heavy and bulky, and stopped working within a couple of months or never worked at all. Reviews are similarly uneven on Amazon, where some users praise its light weight and fold-up design (all the better for travel, but also useful at home) while others complain that it died shortly after they opened the box.

As an anti-static hair dryer, the Hot Tools Travel Hair Dryer uses ionic technology which releases negative charges to reduce fly-aways and static. What's unique about this hair dryer is that the ionic technology can be turned off with the flip of a switch for users who don't like the negative ions or deem them unnecessary. This cheap hair dryer has two heat and speed settings, plus a cold shot button. And, as noted above, it folds up for easy packing.

Although this hair dryer has some appealing features, we think this hair dryer is a bit of a dud. The technology sounds great, but there are enough reports of early blow-outs (or never working at all) to make us skeptical. But if you're willing to take a chance, go for it.

Raechel Conover

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