Kroger Sammie Review



The Kroger-brand ice cream sandwich contained the crunchiest outer shell, according to our panel of judges, and the creamiest ice cream. The combination prompted most to score it as their favorite cheap ice cream sandwich.

Our Kroger ice cream treats review concluded that this in-house brand is a solid choice for a quick, easy, and, best of all, cheap frozen indulgence. The line-up of ice cream novelties in our blind tasting involving two other budget brands included the Kroger Sammie sandwich (31 cents/unit), Kroger Arctic Blaster bar (25 cents/unit), and Kroger Fun Daze Sundae cone (60 cents/unit). In all three categories the Kroger product was the cheapest, and in two fared quite well against the other entries.

Our judges ranked the Kroger Sammie as best in class. They were taken with the crunchy outer chocolate cookie compared with others in the category, which were deemed too soft. "Yum," said one of the tasters, "delicious, nice crunch on the wafer." Others declared that "the ice cream is good -- creamy, sweet, and just right." Our judges' assessment was affirmed by a contributor to Yahoo Voices, whose Kroger Sammie review said the novelty hits the spot, with a cookie that's just the right texture (moderately dry and moderately cakey) and a vanilla center that's satisfyingly sweet.

Due to limited selection in the cones category, the Fun Daze Sundae was judged against just one other, the Nestle Drumstick. The Kroger entry put in a decent showing, falling into place behind the Drumstick. The judges praised the vanilla ice cream and the "flavorful" peanuts atop the chocolate coating, but grumbled about a taste that some deemed too artificial and a waffle cone that was too pliable.

Kroger's Arctic Blaster bar was the brand's Waterloo. The "good ice cream flavor" was noted favorably by our tasters but the hard chocolate shell was dismissed for a taste that was slightly off-putting.

About the nutritional content: The Sammie contains 170 calories and 6 grams of fat; the Kroger Artic Blaster provides 150 calories and 10 grams of fat; and a Fun Daze Sundae delivers a whooping 330 calories and 19 grams of fat.

Kroger sells a wide variety of ice cream products (both novelties and containers of various sizes) and an even wider assortment of flavors. Given the low prices and the results of our Kroger ice cream treats taste test, you can confidently put these goodies in your shopping cart.

Raechel Conover

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