Joy Factory SmartSuit 3 Review



This case gets credit from experts and consumers for retaining the aesthetic integrity of the iPad itself while keeping it safe. The Joy Factory SmartSuit 3 is designed much like Apple's own Smart Case but wins reviewers' favor with fuller protection and functionality. An included water-resistant sleeve also raises the bar.

This iPad case is a favorite of The Wirecutter, where a Joy Factory SmartSuit 3 review cites the classic design and magnetic front cover. In a hands-on test, the magnets kept the iPad firmly in sleep mode when the cover was closed and readily woke the iPad when the cover was opened. The cover also folds up into a stand for typing and (portrait or landscape) viewing and proved very sturdy through some tough nudges. In SmartSuit 3 reviews on Amazon and B&H, many users agree that the case is slim yet protective and sturdy in any position.

The Joy Factory SmartSuit 3 (starting at $40, Amazon) outfits iPads from the second generation and beyond. (It's also available for the iPad Mini.) It has a hard outer shell and provides coverage to all sides and corners to prevent damage from small impacts, dust, and smudges. When the iPad is in use, the magnets in the cover align with the back to hold the cover open. As an added bonus, the SmartSuit 3 comes packaged in a "green" way with a reusable, water-resistant sleeve for added protection and a mouse pad instead of packing foam.

For iPad owners looking for a cheap case that is similar to Apple's Smart Cover or Smart Case, reviews suggest this one is a better value. The ability to pin back the front cover when the iPad is in use helps set this case apart from others like it. All in all, it's hard to go wrong with the Joy Factory SmartSuit 3.

Raechel Conover

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