OtterBox Defender Review



IPad owners looking for maximum protection have found it in the OtterBox Defender iPad case. Many reviewers express gratitude for its toughness and describe the various ways they've put an iPad through the wringer, only to have it come out looking brand new underneath this case.

This iPad case won't satisfy buyers seeking the slimmest profile or the lowest price, but if you're rough on electronics and need maximum protection, OtterBox Defender reviews say this is the case for you. Take this review from an Amazon customer, whose two kids have not been kind to the iPad. The device has reportedly been peed on, spilled on, bumped, and dropped but remains in like-new condition thanks to the OtterBox Defender. Further proof of the case's value lies in the nearly 2,000 other five-star OtterBox Defender reviews on Amazon. Consumers who have posted reviews on the Target website are similarly favorable. One reviewer tells of a husband who tosses the iPad in and out of the car daily for work and a 6-year-old who slings it around the house -- yet there isn't a scratch on it.

OtterBox makes the Defender iPad case so protective by combining several layers: an inner shell of high-impact polycarbonate, a foam interior to absorb shock, and a silicone outer layer. A textured exterior makes it easier to grip the device without dropping it. There is also a screen protector to guard against scratches and fingerprints. A protective shield can be snapped onto the front of the case when the iPad isn't in use and on the back when the device is activated. This shield has several functions, including magnets to trigger the iPad's sleep mode when it's put away and wake it up when the cover is removed and a sort of kickstand to prop up the iPad for typing and portrait or landscape viewing. This comprehensive case covers all the sides and corners of the iPad and flexible silicone covers all the ports to keep dust and other foreign materials away. The only thing the OtterBox Defender does not claim to protect against is water. It comes in five combinations of black or gray with an accent color, as well as solid black, for the iPad 2, 3, and 4. There is also an iPad Mini version.

The OtterBox Defender (starting at $60, Amazon) is one tough case -- the only one we found that was even tested against drops. If heavy-duty protection is your No. 1 priority, then this is the way to go. How can hundreds of five-star reviews be wrong?

Raechel Conover

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