Khomo Dual Case Review


Think Twice

User after user finds fault with the Khomo Dual Case, which appears to be an attempt at a cheap replica of the Apple Smart Case. From a front cover that doesn't stay closed to flimsy material, the complaints about this case outnumber the compliments. One of the only things it seems to have going for it is the variety of colors it comes in.

Khomo Dual Case reviews are confined almost exclusively to Amazon and tend more toward the negative than reviews of the other cases we researched. One oft-cited annoyance is the magnets in the front cover. These are supposed to keep the cover on and the iPad in sleep mode when it's not in use and also keep the cover folded up to act as a stand, but they're too weak to do so. Most users find this unacceptable, given that it renders two important features essentially useless. Others report that the front cover begins to fray after just a short time and doesn't make a stable stand, putting the iPad at risk of toppling over easily. To make matters worse, numerous Khomo Dual Case reviews report that the polycarbonate back cover is flimsy and not protective at all.

The front cover of the Khomo Dual Case (starting at $20, Amazon) is made from polyurethane -- the same material as the Apple Smart Cover and Smart Case, which appeals to a lot of buyers. This case is designed to protect against hazards of daily use such as dust, scratches, fingerprints, and small jostles but not rougher treatment. It comes in nine different colors, the widest range of any case on our list.

Overall reviews are mixed on the Khomo Dual Case. Users often mention that they like the look of the case, but many are disappointed in its durability and minimal level of protection, as well as the instability of the stand. This leads us to believe that consumers would be better off spending a bit more on a better case.

Raechel Conover

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